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The impact of battery technology on vehicles

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How a major European battery manufacturer benefited from understanding the impact of their battery technology on customer vehicles.

Battery lifetime and their durability is a big concern for many in the automotive industry. A major European automotive battery manufacturer wanted to understand how to improve the performance of its products in their end use application.

Aurata Technologies undertook a range of specialist simulation activities to model the battery manufacturer’s battery cells powering a real vehicle. We assessed a wide range of vehicle use cases, ambient temperatures and aging scenarios. Ultimately, this allowed us to short list our customer’s product options and provide a recommendation of shortlisted battery technology to provide the best vehicle performance. The battery manufacturer could then focus on the next stage of their development work, significantly reducing their overall development and testing costs.

Our fully integrated simulation and analysis process was used to understand the behaviour of the battery pack, modules and individual cells throughout a wide range of vehicle drive and charging cycles. Key outputs of the project were features which enabled reduced battery cell aging and improved thermal management.

Aurata Technologies are experts in vehicle, powertrain and thermal simulation. We combine strategy and simulation to provide a balanced and holistic approach to efficiently engineer efficient systems. For more information, please contact our Technical Director James (