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Leading the development of thermal systems for an electric vehicle

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Aurata provide strategy and engineering in the passenger car sector.

How an electric vehicle manufacturer benefited from our thermal systems leadership in the development of their new vehicle.

Our client was an electric vehicle start up developing a range of battery electric passenger cars. To meet their launch deadline, they required rapid access to expertise and additional capacity in their thermal system team. Their needs ranged from initial concept generation through to specifications development and subsequently systems engineering and DVP (Design Validation Planning).

Aurata Technologies was able to supplement our client’s thermal systems team with specialists enabling their vehicle engineering plan to meet the launch deadline. We supported their vehicle and powertrain thermal needs through the product development process. Regularly we evaluated the thermal system efficiency to maximise the vehicle range in a variety of extreme ambient conditions. With battery and cabin thermal conditioning both demanding precious energy from the high voltage battery pack, we leveraged simulation tools to help maximise efficiency and range. Throughout, Aurata helped to lead and train the client team towards meeting the vehicle level targets.

Testing is often time consuming and expensive. So we worked pragmatically with the client’s in‑house test team to develop both rig and vehicle based DVP’s. This process functionally proved the innovative design in a reduced timescale compared to the original plan for the test campaign.

Aurata Technologies are experts in powertrain thermal management. We combine strategy and simulation to provide a balanced and holistic approach to efficiently engineer efficient systems. For more information, please contact our Technical Director James (