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Fuel cell systems development for a successful marine project

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Boat powered by Fuel Cell Systems developed with Aurata expertise.

How a fuel cell developer leveraged our expertise in fuel cell systems engineering.

When an opportunity arises, no company wants to miss out due to a lack of technically skilled staff. In a recent case study with Aurata Technologies, a fuel cell developer urgently needed support in developing the balance of plant surrounding their fuel cell stack for a new application.

Aurata Technologies swiftly responded to the client’s needs, finalizing agreements and assembling an experienced technical team within a week of initial contact. We provided comprehensive systems and analysis services focused on thermal, air, and hydrogen balance of plant systems.

Our fuel cell systems services included:

  • Developing system layouts and specifications for balance of plant components using calculations, 1D analysis, and our extensive engineering experience.
  • Liaising with potential suppliers to shortlist technically and commercially suitable options for components, from air compression, to hydrogen recirculation, to coolant de-ionization.
  • Specifying necessary sensors for both prototype and production, defining test plans, and establishing control strategies.
  • Conducting periodic reviews of the manufacturing process during prototype manufacture, identifying and addressing issues before the test program.

Our involvement significantly reduced development time for the client and led to the successful creation of a functioning prototype.

Aurata Technologies specializes in powertrain systems and simulation, offering a balanced and holistic approach to efficiently engineer systems. By combining strategy and simulation, we help our clients achieve optimal results in their projects. If you are in need of rapid, flexible engineering support, please contact our Technical Director James (

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