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Fuel cell systems at Aurata Technologies.

Fuel Cell Systems

  • Are you developing the best fuel cell product for the most suitable market? Or are you integrating the most suitable fuel cell for your market?
  • Our strategic advice considers the combined technical, market and commercial aspects of fuel cell products and their application.
  • We are technology agnostic and provide an independent view, backed by our expertise and analysis.
Concept selection applications from Aurata Technologies.
  • An optimized system can reduce your cost, weight and package volume, maximizing the success of your fuel cell product and its installation in application.
  • We determine the most appropriate fuel cell systems concept for your application.
  • As well as technical and functional aspects we are experienced at understanding total cost of ownership and lifecycle emissions.
Working on system specification at Aurata Technologies.
  • A well specified system reduces your development and production risks.
  • We provide both initial development and checking of existing specifications
  • We cover the air, fuel and thermal systems and their components.
Working on simulation and analysis at Aurata Technologies.
  • Targeted simulation of systems helps to de-risk and reduce the time of your fuel cell development or integration whatever your stage of development.
  • We simulate the full vehicle or craft to give holistic thermal, air and fuel systems analysis.
  • We can translate your vehicle or craft energy consumption into an optimised fuel cell, battery, air and thermal specification.
Systems engineering pressure gauge at Aurata Technologies.
  • FMEA and Design Verification Plan (DVP) development is key to successful fuel cell systems development.
  • We offer support in FMEA and DVP for the air, fuel and thermal systems.
  • Additionally, our team of experienced engineers can manage suppliers’ engagement from first contact to delivery.

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