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How we can help you

On your transition to a lower greenhouse gas future we can support you throughout the journey. Our services in energy and thermal management can help you answer these questions:

Technical advice

Which technology should I invest in or develop to ensure my continued commercial success? What concept of this the technology should I use?

What should the specification of the technology be?

Engineering development

How do I effectively develop the technology to meet these needs? And how can I expand my thermal team rapidly?

Which suppliers and components are most suitable for my product?

What is the ideal control strategy for each technology across my applications?

Our expertise

Aurata Technologies technology selection.
Aurata Technologies systems engineering.
Aurata Technologies simulation and analysis.

Batteries and fuel cells

In addition to our technology agnostic services above, we provide a range of services for vehicle and craft manufacturers looking to integrate battery and fuel cell systems into their products. Our services are also suitable for suppliers and manufacturers of battery and fuel cell systems.